20-Year-Old Woman Sues Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko

A 20-year-old woman intends to appeal the presidential decree on holding parliamentary elections. Documents were made public by the “Elections. Belarus” Telegram channel.

Parliamentary elections in Belarus will be held this November. The date shortens the ten-year tenure of the House of Representatives by ten months. According to the Belarus constitution, the term of office of the National Assembly is four years.

The term of members of the House of Representatives can be prematurely terminated in case of motion of no confidence against the government, motion of censure to the government or a double refusal to give its consent to the appointment of the Prime Minister.

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Also, the term of the parliament can be prematurely terminated on the basis of the conclusion of the Constitutional Court in the event of systematic or gross violations of the Constitution by the houses of parliament.

“The President prematurely terminates the term of the House of Representatives without any grounds for this provided for by the Constitution,” stresses the author of the complaint.

Elizaveta insists that the postponement of the election infringes on her right to be elected – one can become a deputy of the House of Representatives at the age of 21 years.

Although the complaint was registered in the court of the Leninsky district in Minsk, the young woman does not really believe that it will take action on the complaint.

“This is more of a performance to show that we have holes even in the Constitution,” she said in an interview to TUT.BY.

Source: TUT.BY