Belarusian Army Among 25 Most Powerful In Europe

Belarus’s army was named one of the most powerful armies in Europe, according to the latest ranking by Business Insider.

A list like no other.

belarus armies

Russia has the most powerful army in Europe, followed by France, Britain, and Turkey. Belarus was ranked 17th. According to the ranking, the total number of active-duty and reserve military personnel in Belarus exceeds 400,000.

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The army, with an annual budget of $725 million, has in its arsenal 515 combat tanks, 292 aircraft, including 43 fighter aircraft.

The ranking aimed to level the playing between smaller countries with technical advantages and larger, less-sophisticated countries.

Geography, natural resources, industrial capacity, diversity of weapons and assets, and manpower were taken into account too.

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Recall that Belarus was also ranked 41st in world’s strongest armies ranking of 2018. Belarus’s neighbours – Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania – were placed 22nd,29th, 105th and 95th, respectively

The top three remained unchanged, with the U.S., Russia and China leading the way. India and France rounded out the top five.