Population Census 2019: Minsk Keeps Growing, The Rest Of Belarus Doesn’t

Belarus’ population totaled 9,413,446 people, according to the latest population census which was held on 4-30 October last year. 

A total of 95% of the country’ population took part in it. Belarusians filled in census forms online, were polled at stationary census stations and at home.

Belarus’ capital is home to over 2,018 million people. As to the gender ratio, it came as follows – 4,351,473 men (46,2%) and 5,061,973 women (53,8%).

belarus population census 2019

The census also indicated an increase in residents in Minsk and its oblast (1,471+ million). Mogilev Oblast has the lowest number of residents (~1,024,700).

There are over 1,388 million residents in Gomel Oblast, 1,348+ million in Brest Oblast, 1,135+ million in Vitebsk Oblast and 1,026 million in Grodno Oblast.

Interestingly, while the number of Minsk residents increased, in five regions, on the contrary, it decreased. The committee explained it by internal migration.

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“The increase in Minsk and the oblast can be explained by higher revenues and higher living standards in these regions,” Chairwoman of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus Inna Medvedeva said.

The census takers also registered some 20,500 foreigners, who were in Belarus at the time. The previous census took place from 14 October to 24 October 2009.

Then the population of Belarus was 9,489,000 people and for the period from 1999 to 2009, the country’s population decreased by 556,000 people.

There were 46,6% of men and 53,4% of women at the time. According to the 2009 census, Minsk population was 1,836,808 people (in 1999 – 1,680,567).

Source: TUT.BY