Belarus Moves Away From Russian Market To Suply EU With Potatoes

Belarus is planning to supply potatoes to the European Union countries. The news was made public ahead of Agriculture in Belarus forum on Tuesday, 26 February, BelaPAN reports.

“We are now actively working to get Belarusian potatoes certified for compliance with the EU requirements. We have already applied for recertification of our lands.

belarus supply potatoes eu

The European Commission is considering our proposal,” said Aleksei Bogdanov, the head of the Central Office for Foreign Economic Activities of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

The expert also noted that Russia remains the main potato export market for Belarus. Last year 80,000 tons of potato were exported to Russia, which is 28% less than in 2017.

In 2018, Belarus’ potato exports amounted to $50 million, down by 28%. Therefore, the country seeks to move away from dependence on one market and focus on diversification instead.

To get domestic potato producers certified for compliance with the EU requirements, Belarus is to build up exports, improve the quality of products and introduce digital technologies.

Belarusians are usually described as big potato lovers for its dominance in local cuisine. According to last year’s statistics, an average Belarusian consumes 64 kg of potatoes per year.

Besides, the country keeps working on potato quality and experimenting with its varieties. Last week Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko shared his experience of tasting black potato.

“Happens I come to a potato research institute and they start showing me ‘Uladar’, ‘Skarb’, other super potatoes. Last week they gave me some black potatoes to try.

I think ‘God, it’s psychologically difficult to look at it. But then I tasted it, and you know, it was… good,'” the president told cadets of the Military Academy.