Opposition Leader Tikhanovskaya Addresses EU Parliament On Situation In Belarus

On Tuesday, 25 August, Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has vowed that the country’s movement for democratic change will not give up.

Despite the arrest of two members of the Coordination Council for a peaceful transition of power, she insisted: “The intimidation didn’t work. We will not relent. We demand to respect our basic rights. We demand all political prisoners be free.”

tikhanovskaya eu parliament

Recall that police arrested the strike leader Sergei Dylevsky [he was later sentenced to 10 days in jail] and Tikhanovskaya’s confidant Olga Kovalkova. Besides, it summoned for questioning the Nobel prize-winning writer Svetlana Alexievich.

“There’s a peaceful revolution happening. It’s not geopolitical in nature. It’s neither pro-Russian, nor anti-Russian. Nor is it anti-European or pro-European. This is a democratic revolution (…) It’s the people’s struggle to choose their leaders freely and determine their fate,” Tikhanovskaya said from exile in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Her intervention came as human rights ctivists appealed for the UN to intervene in the situation after the systematic police mistreatment and abuse of peaceful protesters caught up in the crackdown since the vote.

She also released another video address to Belarusians, marking the 29th anniversary of Belarus’ declaration of independence. Tikhanovskaya congratulated people on the holiday and called on them to come to Independence Square in Minsk on 25 August to celebrate.