Belarus Opens Chernobyl Exclusion Zone For Tourists. What To See In Dead Lands?

There are few places left in the world where no man has ever set foot. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant opened several areas with restricted access for tourists in Belarus to explore.

The heart of the largest man-made disaster, like a magnet, attracts thrill seekers from around the world. The dead lands of Belarus are now open to the public and ready to reveal their secrets.

What one will see in the world where nature took its toll and how much does the unique experience cost? A trip to wild places with no soul around is about 15km deep into the forest.

The exclusion zone is a favorite well-explored route of local scientists. Now the tour with a guide is available to anyone interested. For a group of five people, it will cost about 340 rubles (~$170).

According to Maxim Kudin, deputy director of the Polesye State Radiation and Ecological Reserve, the tour is an experiment but a safe one. The radiation dose during the tour is less than the one gets during the plane trip.

What is to see there if there are no “tech graves”, dead cities attracting daredevil stalkers and the fire towers that offer breathtaking views of the Chernobyl plant territory are forbidden to climb?

Travelers will be able to see the abandoned Belarusian villages. There are 95 of them in the reserve. Before the disaster, over 22,000 people lived there in 96 settlements. The population was evacuated after the disaster.

First groups will test the developed routes twice a month, after that, the pilgrimage to eerie places will become more crowded. Polesye Radiation and Ecological Reserve is a radioecological nature reserve in the south of Belarus.

It was created to enclose the territory most affected by radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster for the purpose of radiobiological and environmental research.

In some parts of it, the level of radiation is even higher than thirty years ago.

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