Pump It! Two New Oil Deposits Discovered In Belarus

Two oil deposits Vostochno-Makanovichskoye and Zapadno-Girovskoye have been discovered in Rechitsa district, Gomel oblast, BelTA reports.

Pump it, pumpt it!

According to preliminary calculations, geological reserves at the field are estimated at about 900,000 tons, while 400,000 tons of which can be extracted.

A production well is now being built at the site. It will begin operating in January 2018.

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Currently hydrodynamic studies are ongoing to ascertain the structure of the oil deposit, determine the potential for oil extraction and sites for additional production wells.

There are plans to perform large-scale 3D surveying around the Vostochno-Makanovichskoye oil deposit in 2018.

Belorusneft geologists believe that the area can store from 6 to 8 million tonnes of hydrocarbons.

An exploratory well drilled in the Zapadno-Girovskoye oil deposit uncovered a 6m oil-saturated reservoir, with the average porosity of 7% and the initial hydrocarbon saturation of 74%.

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The parameters indicate a good potential of the area for oil extraction.

The well drilling operations have been finished. The site will be prepared for and begin commercial oil extraction in Q1 2018.

Recall that one more oil field was discovered in Gomel region, with the preliminary estimates of 350,000 and 800,000 tons.

According to local experts, Belarus has oil reserves enough to last for another 35 years.

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA