7 Belarusian New Year Gifts To Surprise Family And Friends

Planning to spend you winter holidays in Belarus but don’t know what kind of the New Year gift to buy to your family or friends?

Don’t worry, BelarusFeed care and compiled a list of traditional and offbeat presents!

By the way, you still have time to buy some gifts and treats at some local markets.

New Year sweets box

A perfect gift for the sweet tooth!

The delicious local treats – candies, marshmallows, marmalade, sugared cranberries and Ded Moroz’ figurine made of chocolate, to name a few.

The sets are usually given to children during the New Year concerts at kindergartens and schools.

You can easily buy a treasure box in the branded “Kommunarka” and “Spartak” stores.  Hurry up – the sets are sold like hot cakes!


It’s the Belarusian name of a cotton t-shirt or linen shirt with a traditional Belarusian ornament.

There are a lot of shops where you can buy a vyshivanka or two, as well as mugs, trinkets, caps, bags – all with national Belarusian symbols.

Choose any at Symbal.by!

Belarusian cosmetics

Belarusian cosmetics are famous abroad for its excellent quality and symbolic price.

Belor Design, Relouis and Lux Visage produce amazing haircare products, various creams, mascaras and lipsticks.

Start your hunt at brand sections in GUM and TSUM warehouses, or at the “Na Nemige” shopping center or any local cosmetics store.


Don’t limit yourself with vodka only!

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Try such alcoholic drinks infused with honey, spices and herbs as “Krambambula”, “Zubrovka” or “Black Prince” and stay warm.

You can find them at almost any grocery store.

Home-made jam

Strawberry, raspberry, currants, apples or do you prefer more exotic ones?

Even the most picky eater will find something to suit his taste.

Don’t look for it in the store, you’d better ask a grandmother of your Belarusian friend for a jar of jam. Homemade is always tastier!


You’ve already got the drinks, but what about the champagne glasses? It’s the New Year, after all!

Find various crystal glasses, bottles, figurines and statuettes at the “Neman” glass factory brand stores.

Felt boots

Once traditional footwear is now making a comeback in the world of fashion.

Felt boorts not olny useful but also stylish and can become an unusual gift at the same time!

You can find real felt boots at Zhdanovichi or Serebryanka markets.

To make your winter even more wonderful – buy a hat-earflap for a full set.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to all. From BelarusFeed with love!