Ho Ho Ho! Your Perfect Belarusian New Year Holidays In One Journey

If New Year’s Eve caught you in Belarus and you’re still asking questions ‘What?’ and ‘Where?’, we have planned a short trip for you, which will surely prolong the joy of this wonderful holiday.

Make own Christmas tree toy

Where: National Historical Museum
When: until 20 January 2020

You can find a lot of ways to have fun on your own for the New Year in Minsk. However, it sometimes worth to meditate with pretty shining Christmas toys after a good revel.

christmas new year holidays belarus

Here one can look at an exclusive collection of decorations from around the world, discover the history of glass toys production back from the middle of the XIX century, explore the traditions of New Year holidays in exotic countries like Korea, Iran, Congo, Peru, Rwanda, Antigua and Barbuda, and New Zealand.

But what’s most important, every visitor can make their own Christmas toy under professional guidance.

Visit Ded Moroz

Where: Brest
When: 2, 4, 6 and 11 January 2020.

Santa Claus, Jack Frost, Ded Moroz, Father Christmas — no matter what you call him, he’s all about bringing people joy and holidays. In the beautiful Belovezhskaya Pushcha you have a chance to meet the New Year’s wizard face to face. Moreover, the national park got into the planet’s 25 most exciting destinations to see in 2020 by National Geographic.

Those Who Never Get Frozen. Santa’s Belarusian Colleagues

Every year about 150 thousand people visit the gray-bearded magician in the primeval forest. The fairytale residence occupies 15 hectares, and in addition to the house of Ded Moroz himself, one can drop in the Snow Maiden’s chamber, see the Magic Mill, make a wish on the magical glade and walk along the alley of the eastern calendar signs.

In January, a special holiday train from Minsk will take you right to the estate of Ded Moroz!

Go full winter extreme

Where: Silichy Ski Resort
When: the whole winter

It’s finally snowing, so get your ski, snowboards and sleighs ready. Many associate ski resorts only with Austria, Switzerland or Finland. Don’t let yourself be fooled, there are enough places in Belarus to go skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

christmas new year holidays belarus

If you’re not impressed with the steep ski slopes of Silichy, feel free to enjoy a cozy Russian steam-bath or take a ride on a fresh ice rink, which, by the way, hosts the championships in figure skating and feed your appetite with traditional cuisine dishes afterwards.

Attend a masquerade ball

Where: Mir Castle
When: 11 January 2020

In January, the ancient walls of the Mir Castle will host a truly royal celebration. Mysterious masks and silhouettes, exquisite outfits and live music will help you imbue yourself with the spirit of the XVIII century full of fascinating and colourful balls.

The organizers pay special attention to the dress code: a strict suit for gentlemen, the XVIII century styled dress for ladies and shoes without heels. Gloves, fans and the main attribute of the holiday — masks — are highly encouraged.

Do you love the Middle Ages era? The Mir Castle is waiting for you – dance, laugh, taste authentic Belarusian cuisine or try to get out of one of the quest rooms, which design is based on the legends about the monarchs who owned the castle.

Feel the romance of rural life

Where: Museum Complex of Dudutki
When: any weekend in January

Take a journey into the world of ancient country life and handicrafts. Discover the traditions of Belarusian blacksmithing art in a rural blacksmith shop or even become his assistant to get your own lucky horseshoe as a gift.

christmas new year holidays belarus

You cold? No big deal. The museum has a license for moonshine distilling and tasting. It is prohibited to sell bottled moonshine, but one can taste it on the premises. The local tavern has a special winter moonshine taps served with lard, sausages, honey and cucumbers.

Text by Anton Ananich