National Library Displays Message Of Support In Solidarity With Italy

The National Library of Belarus displayed words of support and encouragement for the Italian people, as the nation fights coronavirus.

The light panel of the National Library displayed the Italian flag and the phrase “Belarus stands with Italy”.

The news ticker first appeared on Thursday and will be displayed for five minutes after night illumination is on till the end of month.

national library belarus italy coronavirus

Belarus is among many other countries that express its support by turning on illuminations on buildings, hang out banners, and making installations.

As of Friday morning, Italy has reeported 8,215 deaths and 80,539 confirmed cases. At the same time, the number of new cases reportedly continue to decline slightly.

Italy is the worst-affected in Europe where strict quarantine measures were imposed and almost everything has been closed for over two weeks and people told to stay at home. The country is set to extend the quarantine period beyond 3 April.

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated the campaign. Recall that earlier Belarus’s National Library sent the words of support to people of China and Wuhan, in particular.