Europe’s Sleeping Beauty. Belarus Named Among Top 20 Countries To Visit In 2020

French newspaper Le Figaro has included Belarus in the top-20 countries to visit in 2020. Journalists called our country “the Sleeping Beauty of Europe.”

The author of the article noted that “landlocked between Poland and Russia, Belarus is one of the least visited places on the continent.”

River Prypiac’ (aerial photo) at National park Prypyatski

Giving just a brief list of reasons for a traveller to see the place, the newspaper recalled that Belarus is the birthplace of Marc Chagall, hailed the architectural heritage of Minsk and the country’s rich nature.

It mentioned primaeval forests not damaged by human activity and natural disasters, as well as extensive national parks which are home to lynxes, brown bears, hazel grouse and wolves.

To make it even more attractive, Le Figaro noted that Belarus is open to tourists from all over the world thanks to the visa-free entry. To know more how to get to Belarus either by a visa or without – go check our visa guides.

Le Figaro’s Top 20 destinations for 2020 also include Australia, Madagascar, Indonesia, Barbados, the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Georgia, Cuba, Japan, Hawaii and others.

Recall that National Geographic also picked the planet’s 25 most exciting destinations to see in 2020 and Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is one of them. Don’t forget to add it to your travel list!