Moose Pursuit! See How Locals Chased And Caught Wild Animal In City Centre

On the morning of 24 April a diesel locomotive driver noticed two mooses crossing the railway tracks. Later one of them headed to the forest, while another one decided to roam around the city streets to a great surprise of locals.

The moose is no longer on the loose.

“I thought I had hallucinations. I was driving past the bus station, when saw real moose crossing the road,” one of the locals said.

First baffled citizens did not believe their eyes and mistook the young animal for a horse.

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Soon after that the uninvited guest was reported to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and specialists of the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen.

Luckily, the calf didn’t harm anyone but managed to cause some confusion among locals.

“The situation was unpleasant and quite dangerous. Imagine, a mother taking her child to kindergarten, when cut off by a moose. 

We had to take urgent measures,” the director of the Bobruisk city organization Alexander Volchkov commented on the incident.

Specialists, with the assistance of passers-by, successfully rounded the moose, tranquilized it and put in a scoop bucket.

“I was not scared. Wild animals constantly wander into the city, as a a rule it happens once a year, I’m already used to it.

Beavers and mooses are frequent guests here,” the local veterinarian Stanislav Skuratovich said.

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Experienced hunters believe that the approxiamte weight of the caught moose is about 150kg.

The animal was exhausted and frightened when it was caught but fortunately had no serious injuries.

It was later transported to one of the forestries. This is the second time the young moose is caught in the area.

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Now is the season when cows are preparing to become mothers again and expel the one-year-old youngsters.

That is why the juvenile mooses usually come to the nearest cities, looking for food and shelter.

Source: TUT.BY