Minsk Nightlife Guide. Where To Party And Have Fun After Midnight?

Minsk never sleeps and you shouldn’t either. Use this Minsk nightlife guide on the best clubs, bars, casinos and other fun places to be on the same page with the locals.

Get ready for a long night out that can easily run through to the following afternoon. Go partying till the sun comes up and goes down again.

Party hard

Nightlife in Minsk is replete with notoriously naughty nightclubs, huge parties, and a diverse crowd. Don’t forget to dress up accordingly, most Minsk clubs have strict dress-code/face control and are adults only.

Don’t know where to start? Rich Cat is the ideal setting for your next unforgettably memorable night out with wild go-go dances, barmen show, and hookah, cool tunes, and nice food.

minsk nightlife best cafes bars clubs casino stripclubs women belarus girls

Gain a feeling for the city’s clubbing scene and party hard at Dozari, Black House ClubNextMouline RougeNLO, TNT Rock Club or Re:Public. Just check beforehand whether a place you’re planning to visit matches your music tastes and expectations.

Looking for locations for grown-ups? Minsk has plenty of them. Prudes are obviously not welcome at Pin Code StripclubMaxshowGentlemen’s House, Hot Coffee House, Lollipop, Laguna, and Texas.

Those willing to try their luck at one of Minsk casinos, rejoice, unlike Russia, Belarus has no laws forbidding gambling. Casino XO clubs, Shangri La, Royal Casino, Casino Skyline, Victory and many others keep their doors open day and night.

On summer weekend nights, simply head to Zybickaja or Kastryčnickaja streets to listen to DJs sending beats into the air and party at numerous cafes and bars heave with life.

Chill and hookah

Fancy Svobody, 4 and Čapski Bar are about to close? No worries, there are plenty of places nearby ready to share joy and sorrow of a sleepless night with you.

Taste a dock-leaf tincture at Banki-Butylki Bar (Zybitskaya, 6) or hit the floor at el Pushka (Hiercena, 12) or Cherdak (Zybitskaya, 9) until 4-5 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Drop by Cocktail BarDuck (Gikalo, 5) to enjoy sophisticated longs or shake your body at Hooligan bar (Kastryčnickaja 16) till 4 am. Hookah lovers won’t be left disappointed too.

minsk nightlife cafes bars clubs casinos stripclubs women belarus girls

Photo credit: el Pushka

Hookah Lounge №1, DIY BAR (Zybitskaya, 6), Myata Lounge (Dzerzhinskogo Ave., 57), Plan B (Bogdana Khmel’nitskogo, 10а) and The Office (Kulman, 9) are at your disposal till 4-5 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Don’t limit yourself with Minsk alone, check out the best bars and places to hang out in Brest, Gomel, Vitebsk, Mogilev, and Gomel with BelarusFeed guide to 5 major Belarusian cities or check Lonely Planet’s nightlife list.

Learn and have fun

Unfortunately, most aristocratic pleasures in Belarus’ capital tend to end until midnight. Cultural hub OK16 is a meeting point of intellectuals, hipsters, underground party animals, art lovers, and bohemians.

Are you one of them? You know where to find your kindreds. There’s a fat chance you will be able to see any operas or theatre performances at night. Well, the same can not be said about museums.

minsk nightlife best cafes bars clubs casino stripclubs women belarus girls

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One night a year, all Minsk museums open their doors for everyone willing to know something new and beautiful. Don’t want to adapt your visit to this particular night?

The museum of boulders works round the clock and is free of charge. One will find it on Šuhajeva and Academika Kuprеvіča streets. Nothing is as intriguing as a night walk in the forests of Uručča.

Watch movies

While one can enjoy night movies at cinecentres only as part of festivals or special screenings, you can arrange a movie under the stars by yourself – on a big screen and out at night.

Whether you have a romantic date or gather a company of 15 loud friends, screening room Kinokomnata at Melezha, 1, is open for you 24 hours a week. Pick any of 1000+ Full HD movies or bring your own.

minsk nightlife cafes bars clubs casinos stripclubs women belarus girls

On Fridays and Saturdays (till 2 am), KinoForum (Rotmistrova street, 61a) will put you in a home-away-from-home atmosphere. By the way, there also have an Xbox here.

Want to watch a movie or sports broadcast, play PlayStation, use virtual reality glasses or sing karaoke? For a luxurious experience visit 7 rooms in Private House (Zybitskaya, 9). Besides, you can eat there, the kitchen works till the early morning.

The AutoCinema (Men’kovsky Trakt, 2) is a McDrive in the world of cinema – you can get there only by car. No complaints about uncomfortable chairs or noisy chewing neighbors are guaranteed. Screenings usually start at 9 pm and 11 pm.

Don’t forget about summer open-air screenings such as Kinemo in the courtyard of Zair Azgur’s museum (Azhura street, 8) or #Μοrekino on the beach of Minsk Sea, aka Minskoye More/ or Zaslawskaye Reservoir.

Buy books

The night book exhibition-fair takes place at Daŭmana 23 from Friday midnight till 2 pm on Saturday.minsk nightlife cafes bars clubs casinos stripclubs women belarus girls

Probably it’s the only way to have fun, get enlighted and save money at night in Minsk.quest

Use your brains

While most of the quest rooms expect you to leave the premises in the evening, Quest Zone (Kuybysheva, 22) allows night owls to rack their brains until 1 am.

Try to escape Claustrophobia rooms work till midnight! Just choose what suits your taste best – the Simpsons, the Trail of Alice, Phantom, or Code Da Vinci: in search of the grail.

minsk nightlife best cafes bars clubs casino stripclubs women belarus girls

Photo credit: Claustrophobia.by

The iLocked is ready to lock you at 20 cities and offer various kinds of quests until 2 am on Friday and Saturday. In Minsk, book the quest and head to Zamkovaya, 27, or Lieanida Biady, 29.

If pirates and astronauts theme sounds boring and you’ve got a lot of nerve, Saw and Mystery of Chernobyl will keep you awake through the night.

Move your *ss

Change your pillow to a helmet, paintball gun and light-and-noise grenades. UFO, 0.67, Dynamite, LaserBattle, and ExtremeShooting Club (paintball, airsoft and laser tag, extreme shooting) are open 24/7.

Have enough energy to play big tennis till to 11 pm? Smena tennis court is waiting for you. At night, billiard and bowling clubs. Luch (Talbukhina, 4, room 41), NLO (Jakuba Kolasa, 37) and Madison (Timiryazeva, 9) work in a usual mode.

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