Belarus MFA To U.S. Embassy: We Ready To Give American Ambassador Belarusian Citizenship And Divide Alaska

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry, in response to the congratulations of the U.S. Embassy on Freedom Day, said that it was ready to give the American ambassador Belarusian citizenship so that she could vote in the elections and carve up Alaska.

Recall that yesterday the U.S. Embassy in Belarus congratulated Belarusians on Freedom Day and said that the United States is looking forward to the day when the Belarusian people will be able to independently define their future. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus prepared a commentary and posted it on its website. The press service of the diplomatic agency confirmed TUT.BY that this is not a joke.

Below is the full text of the statement:

“In connection with the statement of the U.S. Embassy on March 25, 2021, we express our sincere gratitude to the American side for finally showing their readiness to transfer bilateral rhetoric into a constructive channel and for congratulating them on a significant date in the history of our country. We will only welcome the spread of this practice on public holidays.

We acknowledge our mistakes and take this opportunity to apologize for not congratulating on the recent 160th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, which flag is still dear to many Americans. At the same time, the BLM movement throughout the country has tens of millions of members. Unfortunately, today American society is deeply divided, as J. Biden said: “my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation… I know the forces that divide us are deep and they are real… Let us start afresh. All of us. Let us listen to one another. Hear one another. See one another.”

We also support the aspirations of the American people for a better future – this day and every day! Therefore, we believe that only genuine inclusive dialogue will help the American nation unite at this difficult moment in history. As a disinterested gesture of goodwill, Belarus, having experience as a platform for negotiations within the TCG (Trilateral Contact Group for the Settlement of the Situation in Eastern Ukraine), is ready to offer its services in organizing such a process. We will provide any assistance we can, including with the involvement of our partners in integration structures.

Although more than two centuries have passed since independence, recent events in the United States show that the American struggle for freedom is still ongoing. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans of all ages are publicly demanding the right to determine the fate of their country. Many pay a high price for trying to make their voices heard, as the incumbent administration even had to use deadly weapons and shoot several people to stay in power and consolidate the election results.

We admire the courage and determination of American heroes, including J. Assange, E. Snowden and C. Manning, who sacrificed almost everything for the sake of true freedom and harmony in American society. Belarus, together with the American people, is looking forward to the day when an ordinary American will be able to walk freely and without hindrance near the Capitol.

We are grateful to appointed U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher for an invaluable tip to the entire Belarusian people when and how to hold elections. Of course, our Belarusian primitive and meagre way of thinking would never have allowed us to solve this issue ourselves. As a token of incredible gratitude, the Foreign Ministry is ready to accept Her Excellency’s application for Belarusian citizenship out of turn in order to include her in the voter list and give her the opportunity to vote.

The same can be done without having citizenship on some recognized by Julie Fisher electronic platform. We cannot but respond to the helping hand extended by the American side in the conduct of the elections. Such achievements of the American electoral system as voting by mail and the electoral college instead of a direct expression of will, can be in demand and studied by the Belarusian side. Deeply imbued with the attention of the United States to the fate of Belarus, in return, we can make a disinterested contribution to the development of agriculture in Alaska and the effective development of its lands. In this regard, we are ready to consider the possibility of joint management of this territory.

The Belarusian construction organizations located in the region could be transferred to share experience and help residents of the southern states in overcoming the consequences of the natural disaster. We sincerely wish the American people to be united, and go up the ladder of the American Dream without stumbling. We hope that the positive trend in our relations will continue and we will jointly come to the moment when we can happily meet the U.S. Sixth Fleet at the maritime borders of Belarus!”