Belarus Invites Elon Musk To Test His Robotaxis In Minsk

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belarus invited technology Tesla CEO Elon Musk to test his recently announced autonomous taxi service in Belarus.

On Monday, 22 April, Tesla investor presentation, informally dubbed Autonomy Day, Musk said that the company should have robotaxis on the road next year.

Specifically, Musk gave guidance that Tesla will have a million truly safe, driverless cars in 2020 and in two years, it will be making cars with no steering wheels or pedals.

The MFA twit caused an avalanche of reactions with people starting to indicate various problems the technology might face if tested in Belarus.

Some noted that there’s not a single supercharger in the country, a dozen fast charges, road marking problems, the abundance of illogical signs.

Others saw a nice opportunity to joke about realities and suggested to entice the technology entrepreneur, investor, engineer and billionaire with potato.

While others keep fooling around BelarusFeed recalls that the American MapBox that focuses on computer vision and develops HD-maps for self-driving cars opened its office in Minsk.

So, who knows maybe in a year or two Belarusians and foreigners will be driving around the country on their own. How do you like this, Elon Musk?

Featured image: REUTERS