Prosecutor General’s Office Warns Parents Against Taking Children To Rallies

Minors particpating in mass protests and their parents can face administrative responsibility: from a fine to, in extreme cases, the removal of a child from a family. Head of the juvenile justice department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Aleksei Podvoisky told the STV TV channel.

Alexey Podvoisky said that the participation of minors in unauthorized mass events means a violation of both domestic and international legal acts regulating the rights of the child and the responsibility of parents, since the child in this case is in a place where there are no guarantees of its safety. He noted that parents are responsible for similar actions not only in Belarus, but also abroad.

According to the official, the consequences of their actions are explained to such parents, and official warnings were issued. In some cases, child protection agencies can get involved, whihc may consider adding a child to the list of children exposed to social risk.

As a representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office said, if a teenager over 16 years of age participates in an unauthorized event, then he, like the adult participants, may be fined. And if a younger child appears at the action, then the parents may already be held reponsible under Article 9.4 (Failure to fulfill responsibilities for parenting) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

“We have already warned more than a hundred parents and children on different occasions. In most cases, they listen to the prosecutor. There are incidents in Zhodino, Minsk, Brest and Gomel when the prosecutor issued an official warning to parents and after that their children did not get on the radar of law enforcement. And that’s good,” said Podvoisky.

According to Podvoisky, the removal of a child from the family in some cases is also possible. As an example, he cited a video showing a drunk mother taking part in an unauthorized event. In such cases, the position of the child can be determined as socially vulnerable, and it can be removed from the family and put in an orphanage or a foster family for up to six months.