Where Is Belarus On The World Map And Other FAQs

In the age of Google maps and a dozen of navigator like apps, one might see the article about Belarus map as pretty boring and weird.

We are here to prove otherwise and tell you a couple of eyeopening and funny facts about Belarus map.

Where is Belarus on the map?

Sure, you might be able to name some European countries, but can you point out Belarus on a globe?


Turns out that both Europeans and Americans experience serious difficulties with a seemingly easy task. And we don’t even talk about Belarusians tired to answer one and the same question ‘Where is Belarus?’ over and over again. So let us help you with that.

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Let’s take a look at the world map and try to recall basic geography they taught you at school. Find Eurasia, it is located primarily in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. While there is no clear visible separation between Europe and Asia, you’ll have to turn on your imagination and divide it into two parts.

Draw the boundary between two continents to follow the Aegean Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Turkish Strait, the Black Sea, the Greater Caucasus, and the Ural River and Mountains. Good, now what you need to know is that Belarus is located in Europe, some even say it is in the center of it.

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Belarus’s neighbours Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine or Russia, which is the largest European country, will help you with navigation. Once you find one of them – you find Belarus.

Belarus map through history

Over the years Belarus map, as well as its borders, underwent serious transformations. Difficult to say a specific number of how many times Belarus map changed.


The country’s location could not but affect its fate. Belarus forged alliances, its territories were repeatedly conquered or annexed by various states.

Once again it takes us back to the tumultuous history of the country and the question with many answers ‘What was Belarus once part of?’ 

Facts about Belarus in maps

Turns out maps can be a perfect source of absolutely different fun and interesting facts about the countries. And Belarus is no exception.

The maps below will show you whether Belarusians are a happy nation, whether Belarusian women are sexy and how welcoming we are to foreigners.

A map of happiness

A map of average breast sizes by country

A map of most consumed alcoholic beverage by country

A map of Google autocomplete results

belarus map

A map of the hottest women by country

A map of freedom of press by country

A map showing how Americans see the European countries

A map of the most popular surnames

Original maps first appeared on Bored Panda.

Funny facts about Belarus map

Bet Canadians envy us, as the form of Belarus map resembles a maple leaf or even a cowering duck.

The size of the map of Belarus is also a frequent topic of discussion. Even though its total area is about 207,600km2, many still see Belarus as a relatively small country.

They would be surprised to know that Belarus is a way bigger than 32 countries in Europe. In terms of area, it holds 13th position among 45 European countries. It is so big it can include two Portugal, three Northern Ireland and five Switzerland.

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Hard to believe but some regions of Belarus can compare to the whole countries. Just imagine, Mahilyow region (29,1km2) almost equals Belgium (30,52), Minsk region (39,9km2) is a bit smaller than Denmark (43,1km2), while Brest region exceeds Montenegro and Slovenia combined.

To cross Belarus from the east to the west you will have to cover 741km, this is the same distance from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Germany. Besides, you will have to spend up to 9 hours behind the wheel, the driving challenge not for the fainthearted, right?

Meanwhile in Western Europe, one can visit four or even six counties if try really hard on a 700+ km road trip. Well, Belarus is so big it boasts four climatic zones. Scandinavian hash temperatures in the north, and almost tropical Paliessie in the south of the country. So everyone can choose to his taste where to live.