My Dream Come True! Lukashenko Attends Belarus-Made Geely Cars Factory Opening

The first Belarus-made car Geely Atlas NL3 rolled off the conveyor belt at the new car factory of BelGee Company on Friday, 17 November.

“My dream has come true!”

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko visited Minsk Oblast to open BelGee Company’s new car factory and launch mass production.

“Our friends responded to my request and helped to set up this wonderful factory. They have also given a loan.

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Therefore, first of all I would like to say that my dream to produce a car in Belarus has come true,” Alexander Lukashenko said during the official ceremony.

A number of government officials, top executives of the company, representatives of major Chinese companies also took part in the event.

New plant capacity

The new plant located between Borisov and Zhodino has been built within two and a half years and occupies about 120ha.

A joint venture established between Belarus and Chinese carmaker Geely in 2011 has the capacity to make 60,000 cars per year.

The factory’s infrastructure can potentially increase its production to 120,000 cars.

In 2018 and 2019 the new car plant is supposed to make 25,000 cars and 35,000 cars respectively.

There are plans to use the full fabrication cycle to make Geely NL3 and NL4 crossovers and the Geely FE3 sedan.

The in-service trials for the Geely NL4 model are scheduled for January 2018, with the Geely FE3 model up for trials in May next year.

Import cars to be replaced with Belarus-made

“I’ve already forbidden the entire power vertical to buy import cars. We’ve already bought dozens of (Geely) cars.

We will gradually replace the rest now, starting with the central government and ending with municipal government agencies. We are already doing it,” the president noted.

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After the opening ceremony representatives of the Chinese companies presented Alexander Lukashenko with a car, which is not produced in Belarus yet.

The president also remarked that the production of reliable electric cars in Belarus would be the best gift for him.

Welcome to new BelGee plant:

Sources: TUT.BY, president.gov.bybelTA