364 People Detained Across Belarus During Post-Inauguration Protests

On Wednesday, 23 September, 59 protest actions with about 5,000 participants were registered in various localities of the country, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

In Minsk, groups of people lined up in human chains along the carriageway, gathered near metro stations, the Galleria shopping center. At 7 pm, at the intersection of Pobediteley Avenue and Masherov Avenue, there were about three thousand people.

belarus lukashenko inauguration protests

“Late in the evening in various parts of the city, groups of 10 to 50 people, as well as personal vehicles, repeatedly blocked the roadway. In order to suppress mass violations of public order by aggressive-minded people, law enforcement officers used special means and equipment,” the message reads.

In Vitebsk, about a hundred people gathered at an unauthorized protest action.

“They were being actively controlled by the moderators of the regional telegram-chat, who urged them to form human chains. Participants of the so-called peaceful protest stepped onto the carriageway en masse, blocking traffic. At the intersection of Pobeda Avenue and Stroiteley Avenue, unknown persons scattered metal spikes,” the Interior Ministry reported.

The agency also noted that there were victims among the police officers. In total, 364 people were detained yesterday for violating the law on mass events (252 were detained in Minsk). 320 people remain in custody awaiting trials for administrative offences.

Source: TUT.BY