Lukashenko Meets Students, Talks About Life And Army Instead Of Vacations

During his working visit to Grodno Oblast last week, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with students of Grodno universities.

Stay in Belarus.

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Photo by the presidential press service

BelarusFeed picked some quotes of the head of state to give you a brief overview of the meeting.

Brain drain

The president stressed shared his concern over the young and talented Belarusians willing to get a higher education abroad.

I am not here to tell you where you can go or not. If you have already made up your mind, then you are likely to leave the country or will work abroad after getting an education here. It is your business. But I would like you not to rush things. Analyze where you will be better off first.

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You will always be second-rate citizens over there. Two thousand people studying abroad, with half of them, probably wanting to stay there, is not a problem for Belarus. Yet as the head of state I would like young Belarusians to get an education and work here.”

In the army now

Alexander Lukashenko wants students to join the army during their summer holidays. The approach is seen as one of the ways of combating dodging the draft in the country.

“If you dodge the draft today, I don’t know who you are going to marry after that. Today’s girls want a real man instead of someone simply wearing trousers. This is why I’ve been thinking about ways to train and make men out of the guys, who go to university.

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A man has to know how to handle weapons. Otherwise, he will not be able to protect his family, his kid, wife, mother. Our function is to protect and die for the woman. It has always been like that,” stressed the head of state.

Best country to live in

He also pointed out Belarus’ advantageous geographical position at an intersection of transit routes.

“We have good villages and towns everywhere along the motorway from Smolensk and Brest. No, you cannot become a U.S. dollar billionaire like some people in Russia. But you don’t have to.”

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However, he once again stressed that Belarus is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

“I see Belarus as a country fit for life. Those, who want to calmly live here, raise their kids and make money, will always be able to do it.”

Source: TUT.BY