Moment Lithuanian Bear Roams Along Border, Sneaks To Belarus Without Visa

Lithuania or Belarus? That is probably the question that bothered a bear who has been recently spotted on the border between two countries.

Who cares about countries’ borders, right?

The Lithuanian State Border Guard Service took to its Facebook page to share a video of a brown bear walking along the Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

“You need to be extra lucky to spot a bruin at the frontier zone. More often people see animal traces but not their furry owners,” state border guards note.

It is interesting that judging by direction of footprints, bears usually leave Lithuania to the neighbouring countries.

This incident was no exception, the bear roamed for some time along the border in doubts and left to unexplored Belarus.

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However, his final decision remained behind the scenes. Wild animals migration from one country to another are actually not so rare.

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Source: TUT.BY