More Retirees Leave Belarus To Live On Domestic Pension Abroad

In Belarus, the number of those who receive pensions at home but live abroad is growing. As of 1 October, there were 7,788 retirees, the Social Protection Fund reports.

A year earlier the number of pensioners living abroad was 6,937. For early November 2018, payments were transferred to 7,069 pensioners living abroad.

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Belarusian pensions are transferred to Israel, the U.S., Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine, as well as some European countries – Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. At the same time, as of early October this year, 27,787 foreigners living in Belarus received pensions from Azerbaijan, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland.  A year earlier, there were 26,367 people.

Pensions to Belarusians living abroad are paid under agreements with other states. For instance, Belarus has bilateral pension agreements with Ukraine, Moldova, Tajikistan and the Czech Republic. Under these agreements, citizens of these states receive a pension in accordance with the domestic legislation of the country they live in.

Meanwhile, 7,386 Belarusians left abroad for work (a year earlier it was 9,053 guest workers). Most often, Belarusians seek work in Russia, and more than half of them are blue-collar workers.

Of the total number of migrant workers, two-thirds were men or 5,094 people and 2,292 women. Looking for a decent job, most Belarusians prefer Russian labour market to other neighbours.

However, the countries of the European Union – Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic – are also popular. Interestingly, in the nine months of 2019, only one person left for the UK and Spain.