Peace, Labour, May! How Belarusians Celebrated International Workers’ Day

Belarus marked the International Workers’ Day – a holiday of spring, peace, and work – with a number of solemn ceremonies on Tuesday, 1 May.

Public celebrations took place in all regions of the country.

Doctors, teachers,  athletes, farmers and professionals in the various fields welcomed thousands of residents in historical centres of the cities.

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In Minsk the celebrations kicked off with a flower ceremony at the Minsk Hero City Obelisk that was followed by rallies.

BelarusFeed gathered the highlights of the day.

The demonstrations were organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus and independent trade union associations.

Today, this influential organization unites the working people of the country and protects their rights for labour, security, and timely salaries.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko also wished a Happy Labour Day to Belarusians.

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“Belarusian people have always been committed to creation. By overcoming obstacles in various historical periods, our country became stronger and more beautiful. 

This is the achievement of Belarusians whose main features of character are responsible attitude to work, honesty, justice and devotion to the native land.

Today we continue glorious traditions and pass them to children, are developing and moving forward,” the Belarusian leader remarked.

Source: TUT.BY