Belarusian €200,000 IT-Tractor Presented At Presidential Village

The Belarusian IT-tractor was presented during Kupalle celebrations in Alexandria, Shklov district. The unique vehicle was designed by Minsk Tractor Works, the world’s largest tractor manufacturer.

IT-tractors for IT-country.


The tractor that can automatically start sowing after connecting with a satellite is exclusive on the post-Soviet territory.

The world’s leading manufacturers have analogues of such a model, but they cost 1.5 times more expensive than the domestic one.

Belarus 4522 was developed two years ago and now it undergoes qualification testing.


According to MTZ experts, if the tractor goes on sale, it will cost about €200,000 in equivalent.

Actually, tractors of the same capacity – 460 horsepower – are produced at different post-USSR countries.

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However, they can not be attributed to the category of IT-machines. The Belarusian tractor is called IT due to three reasons.


First reason is that the tractor boasts off a system of accurate farming.

Inside the cab there’s a touch screen and antenna on the cockpit that transmits the tractor’s location to the monitor via satellite.

It allows the tractor’s operator to see the map of the field and guidepath, the gauge of tracks and can run the machine in automatic mode.


Secondly, the tractor is equipped with a comprehensive electronic control system that manages all the nodes and components.

The tractor driver presses a certain joystick or button and the system turns on. Thirdly, the tractor has a remote monitoring system.

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That is, a person from the office sees how the tractor’s driver works, malfunctions or decides when maintenance work is necessary.


Last year the Belarusian IT-tractor was presented at Europe’s largest exhibition of agricultural technology in Hanover, Germany.

Unfortunately, when the Belarusians will be able to seen IT-tractor on the fields remain unknown.

So far, there’s no equipment in the country to start mass production of the vehicles, the producers explain.

Source: TUT.BY