Belarus Will Show IIHF Results Of Inquiry Into Bondarenko’s Death, His Family Outraged

Belarusians authorities promised the IIHF to show the results of the inquiry into the death of Roman Bondarenko and the alleged involvement of Dmitry Baskov, the head of the Belarusian ice hockey federation. Bondarenko’s family is outraged – even the young man’s mother is still denied access to the case materials.

“Sixty-four days of silence, surveillance, wiretapping, intimidation, ignoring and leaking personal information and phone calls to the media.” Elena Bondarenko has appealed to the IIHF Disciplinary Board to let her and her lawyer Inessa Olenskaya join a meeting with the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus.


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Since November Roman Bondarenko’s family have been seeking to initiate a criminal case over the death of the 31-year-old man.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General’s Office is conducting a pre-investigation inquiry. The mother does not have the status of a victim, and therefore she cannot get acquainted with the materials of the inquiry. The relatives still do not know if there are any suspects in the death of Roman, whether the forensic examination was completed, as well as its results, including the official cause of death.

We consider this statement the utter hypocrisy,” says Inessa Olenskaya, the lawyer of Bondarenko family.

“Roman Bondarenko’s mother, for over two months of the inquiry, has repeatedly received refusals from the Prosecutor General’s Office on her requests to provide any information about the progress of the inquiry. In this regard, we are sending an open and public request to the representatives of the IIHF Disciplinary Board: to invite Elena Bondarenko and a lawyer to get acquainted with the materials of the inquiry. Indeed, for Elena, the use of such a ‘gesture of goodwill’ is the only chance to find out why her only son died.”