Lukashenko Announces The Year Of Presidential Election In Belarus

The presidential election in Belarus will be held in 2020, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at his state-of-the-nation address on Friday, 19 April.

Addressing the nation and the parliament, the president announced the years and order of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in Belarus.

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“I would like to repeat again: we will not be looking for some favorable factors or some opportune moment. The presidential election should be held in 2020. So it will take place whatever happens in our country.

We do not play with people or organize political games to promote one politician’s interests. The presidential election will be held in strict accordance with the terms stipulated in the Constitution.” 

He once again stressed that he is not going to seek opportunities to cling on to power. Lukashenko expressed the same position during an open dialogue with Belarusian and foreign journalists, experts and members of the public.

Back then the president announced that he is likely to run for re-election but won’t be a president for life. As to the parliamentary elections, they would be held later this year.

The Annual State of the Nation Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly is the constitutional duty of the president. During his address, the head of state defines the tasks for the authorities for the year ahead and comments on the latest events.