Belarus Hands Note To Ukrainian Ambassador Because Of Zelensky’s Decree

Minsk considers the decree of the President of Ukraine on attracting highly qualified Belarusian specialists to the country unfriendly and discriminatory. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus brought this to the attention of the Ambassador of Ukraine, the press service of the ministry reports.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed a note to the Ukrainian Ambassador, in which the Belarusian side expressed its concern about the adoption of the presidential decree “On some measures to attract entrepreneurs, highly qualified specialists who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus”, which, in violation of generally accepted legal norms, extends its effect exclusively to citizens of the neighboring state.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes, this decree “cannot be considered differently, it is an obviously unfriendly and discriminatory step of the Ukrainian side, bordering on interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus”. In addition, according to the ministry, the document “undermines confidence in bilateral relations” and violates some agreements concluded between the countries. In particular, the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborliness and the agreement on visa-free travel of citizens.

“In this regard, the Ukrainian side is strongly recommended to take measures to comply with the implementation of treaty obligations in relations with Belarus. With a genuine desire not to damage friendly ties with the Ukrainian people, the Belarusian side does not intend to cross the “red lines” in relations with Ukraine, but reserves the right to apply, if justified necessary, retaliatory measures to protect national interests in accordance with international norms,” notes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In early October, it became known that Vladimir Zelensky had signed decree No. 420/2020 “On some measures to attract entrepreneurs, highly qualified specialists who are citizens of the Republic of Belarus.” According to the document, entrepreneurs and specialists in the field of information technology and innovation have been extended the period of temporary stay to 180 days a year.

Also, a pilot project for a simplified registration of a residence permit is being introduced for them with the possibility of obtaining documents within three days without leaving Ukraine and other preferences.

Source: TUT.BY