This Is What First Underpass For Wild Animals In Grodno Looks Like

Two underground wildlife crossing to help wild animal avoid traffic will be built under the M6 road in Belarus. near Shchuchin town in the Grodno oblast

One underground passage has already been completed near Shchuchin town in the Grodno oblast.

belarus animals

The passage is the first construction of such type, however, there are still no grid corridors that will direct animals to the tunnel.

The second walkway is planned to be built on the border of Lidskiy and Ivyevskiy regions. The work there will be finished by autumn this year.

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The local foresters are now monitoring whether the animals will use the underpass tunnel. So far, only a fox’s tracks were found.

“It’s not enough to build a path, we need to teach animals how to walk it.

The grid should not only indicate the migration corridors but also the entire forest area.

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The shrubs, trees, plants, that will attract the forest dwellers should be planted. 

The self-feeding stations are arranged. At the initial stage, smells and faeces are scattered around the area.

If the animals understand that the tunnel is safe, the subsequent generations will use it,” says Elena Rogovaya, the chief ecologist of the Belgiprodor state enterprise.

belarus animals

When the reconstruction the M6 highway is over, 39 kilometers of protective net will be installed on both sides.

In Belarus, there is no road with the status of highway, so the grid is installed only at certain sections of the road.

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The grid is not a problem for small animals and amphibians.

It is assumed that the amphibians can get to the other side of the road through numerous drainpipes.

belarus animals

Reconstruction of the M7 highway (Minsk — Oshmyany — the border with the Republic of Lithuania) should start by 2020.

It is planned to create 5 walkways for animals, ecoducts also known as overpasses that will allow animals to cross a busy road above it.

Source: grodno.greenbelarus.info