Granny From Belarusian Village Hits Pages Of Italian Magazine

A photo of Maria Dudich from a Belarusian village hit the pages of the Italian Sguardo Magazine, MIR 24 reports.

One morning the 89-year-old woman woke up famous as her randomly taken photo was all over the internet. The story started last summer, when a daughter of her acquaintances came to the village from Moscow.

She took a picture of my Belarusian grandmother as a souvenir, and then sent it to a fashionable Italian magazine for a contest about the culture of different countries.

“My son called and said that I’m all over, how do you call it, the internet, in the Italian magazine,” recalls Maria.

The old woman who survived the war has a big family: two children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She is not used to sitting idle, all her life she worked as a milkmaid and now looks after the household – two boars, little pigs, 30 chickens and a horse.

When not she is not engaged in household chores, the old lady knits socks and bakes tasty pies for her loved ones, plants flower and vegetable gardens with her daughter.

“My mom is the best, everyone in the village loves her. She has never offended anyone. We are lucky to have her,”says Anna Yushkevich.

Baba Manya will celebrate her 90th birthday in August. There are many centenarians in her family: her mother and sisters celebrated their 100th anniversary. The secret, says Maria Stanislavovna, is in kindness and advises people to smile more.

As to the photo, readers of the Italian magazine are currently giving their votes for the best photo. The winning photo will be published it in the next issue. Let’s have our fingers crossed.