Raspberry Or Orange? Belarusian Factory Makes Fruit-Scented Socks In Yoghurt Cans

A socks factory from Brest is at it again. First, it was a limited collection of canned socks for men, then glamorous canned socks to cheer women. Now the factory went even further and produced scented socks.

Brest Hosiery Plant collaborated with Brest Household Chemicals, which is experiencing difficult times, creating scented socks packed in yoghurt or jelly-like cans.

socks belarus

A new range of socks has five aromas and the same number of colours. Light green with the smell of a green apple, white socks smell of lemon, orange, well, they smell of an orange, bright yellow is citron and pink ones smell like raspberry.

“At first we wanted to make sports socks in cans one can easily take to practice or hiking. We’ve been looking for a cap. And only at the finish line, we came up with the idea to add a smell.  

socks belarus

And now we have five colours and five smells. The smell, of course, will last only until the first wash,” director of Brest Hosiery Plant Sergey Zhevnerovich explained.

The producers promise that the fruit-scented socks will soon become available in company-branded stores around the country. Don’t miss your chance to get a pair!

Source: TUT.BY