What Belarusians And Foreigners Think About Belarus? Things From Different Perspective

Do foreigners and locals see Belarus from different perspectives? The Sports and Tourism Ministry explored the image of the country using open-ended questionnaires and the results are quite surprising.

This is interesting.

The majority of the Belarusians associates Belarus with Belovezhskaya Pushcha, while foreigners think of nature and draniki/potatoes in the first place.

Zubr, also known as the European bison, is the key animal both for foreigners and locals.

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Besides, the guests of the country and its residents believe that green is a corporate colour of the country.

When asked about famous Belarusians, foreigners mentioned poets Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala and biathlete Darya Domracheva.

Surprisingly but it turns out that more than 70% of foreigners, actually can find Belarus on the map of Europe.

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40% of the Belarusians, on the other hand, believe that foreigners think of Belarus as a part of Russia.

Belavia Belarusian Airlines and Milavitsa, a company producing and selling women’s underwear, are in top most popular Belarusian brands.

What concerns the country’s welfare, foreigners assessed the economic state of Belarus as average.

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How would you like foreigners to describe Belarus in 5 years?

Responding to the question the Belarusians said that it would be great to hear beautiful and sucessful as first associations.

Quiz: Where In Belarus Is This?

More results in the Russian language can be found on the official website of the National Tourism Agency.

The survey involved about 1,500 respondents. The info will be used to develop Belarus’ tourism brand by the end of 2018.

The brand will be selected by experts and anyone who wants to vote to present and promote Belarus’ tourism opportunities overseas.