Meet Vajar! Belarus Unveils Enormous, Sword-Swinging Mascot With Wings

Belarus unveiled its new mascot that will inspire our national football team to unforgettable victories and future glory. 

White, red and with the wings!

belarus football team

Meet Vajar, the mighty new two meters tall, sword-swinging robot talisman of the Belarusian football team.

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The Belarusian Football Federation (BFF) did it best and created the mascot to petrify everyone who lays eyes upon it.

belarus football team

belarus football team

belarus football team

Looking like Optimus Prime’s brother, it wields an enormous blade decorated with the national red and white ornament.

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The suit design was also partially inspired by the nickname of the team – the White Wings.

The new mascot quickly became the global celebrity. YouTube video featuring the costume presentation became the third most viewed in just five days.

It even attracted the attention of foreign media, a US-based global sports channel ESPN devoted a whole article to Vajar with the following comment:

“Regardless, with Vajar in charge of intimidating future opponents, we foresee Belarus starting to creep up the FIFA world rankings very soon.”

Source: TUT.BY