Belarus Court Files First Death Penalty In 2019

Man in Belarus was sentenced to death penalty for aggravated murder by MahilioŇ≠ Regional Court on 9 January.

This is the first death sentence passed by the Belarusian court in 2019.

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36 y.o. Aliaksandr Asipovich, a native of Babrujsk, was convicted of killing two women at his house back in July 2018.

According to the indictment, Asipovich wounded one of the victims 77 times; the other woman had 16 wounds. The convict also “took measures to dismember and conceal corpses”.

In his last word, Aliaksandr Asipovich said that he was fully aware of what had happened. “I don’t know what provoked me. I am a kind and sentimental person. I repent and apologize,” the convict said.

The verdict has not entered into force and can be appealed, which the convict said he intends to do.

The stumbling block

In 2018, four people were executed in Belarus. There are two more convicts who had been sentenced to the death penalty, according to human rights activists.

Belarus is the only state in Europe that still applies the death penalty. The country’s record counts over 400 executions in the past 20 years, with only one pardon from the president.

“Considering the death penalty as a rare punishment (most death sentences are imposed for the killing of two or more people, or for especially grave crimes), Belarus is consistently taking steps to restrict its use,” the Administration of the Belarusian president commented recently.

According to the authorities, “there was no fundamental change in public opinion on the issue of the death penalty”. Recall,¬†more than 80% of Belarusian citizens favored this punishment during the referendum of 1996.

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The moratorium on the use of the death penalty can be imposed only based on the opinion of the population.

Source: TUT.BY