Opinion: They Will Soon Pacify Newborn Citizens Of Belarus With Baton Slaps

Well-known Belarusian cardiologist, Honored Scientist, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, former director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Cardiology” Alexander Mrochek expressed his opinion on the situation in Belarus, which he titled “Deja vu”. 

What’s going on? This is probably one of the frequently asked questions lately. It seems that we have already experienced what is happening in our life.

While studying the history of the Communist Party, all kinds of marxisms and materialisms at the medical institute, we learned to stigmatize American McCarthyism, bans on professions, witch hunts, tear gas, batons, handcuffs and other attributes of “not our” society. And all of a sudden, all those things knocked on the doors of our houses.

There are different professions – choose any. There is such a profession – to defend the Motherland! And there is another one – to rape, beat, maim, cause it pain and unbearable suffering, using special means the Motherland handed them over. She even gave military weapons, which they promise to use “humanely”! Humanely, what does that mean? To mame, so that a person remains alive, or kill on the spot to spare suffering?

But there is a profession that I once chose, and I am a doctor.

For doctors, blood, trauma, pain and suffering are a guide for action, a guide to immediate assistance and relief. The doctor, as they say, is “sharpened” for this. The doctor has this reaction in his DNA, if you will, brought up in medical dynasties on the example of literary heroes, real images.

The Hippocratic Oath is not just empty words for a doctor, but a combination of internal humanistic culture and actions. Not the salary [you know well how much money doctors make], but the fulfillment of the humanitarian mission given to the doctor in society – salvation from pain and suffering.

Today’s reaction by healthcare workers against violence is understandable and explainable. To prevent this reaction by any means is to hinder the development of the profession, it is actually to destroy it. Naturally, we have the black sheep in our family too.

The very bottom of professional perversion is Dr. Mengele of Auschwitz – an embodiment of sadistic tendencies. For such “doctors”, screams and groans are heavenly music, from which they get great pleasure. Not without reason such specimens find their place in fascism, banditry, and moral corruption.

I hate to believe it, but we have something home-grown.

Chairman of the Council of the Republic’s standing commission on education, science, culture and social development, obstetrician-gynecologist Viktor Liskovich commenting on the 9-10 August massacre said “… we should have acted more harshly”. Read as – more painfully, harder, bloodier. This is a domestic product with the “defender of the people” label.

Soon they will propose to pacify the screaming babies, newborn citizens of Belarus with some choking technique or a baton slap. Is it a doctor who got drowsy in a warm parliament or there is someting wrong with his genetics?!

“This Must Never Happen Again.” Doctors Who Treat People After Election Protests Speak

Rectors of medical universities were fired for future doctors protesting on the streets. The motive is the lack of patriotism among students. Actually, what kind of patriotism are we talking about? Love for the Motherland or for those who rule it?

The doctor does his job – heals people and that’s it!

Of course, over time, perhaps by applying certain efforts in ideological work, one can get a product which will ignore people’s suffering. Maybe even new departments will appear, where they will study not the treatment of injuries, bruises and fractures, but, on the contrary, the methods of their creation, so that it will be more painful and bloody!

Such products will graduate from educational institutions, as it was once in our friendly China, with red-green quote books and leader’s badges on uniforms and will smash everything and there will be no place for personal opinion, let alone public protest.

Only who will treat?

Deja vu.

People do not learn very much from the lessons of history.

More than 1,200 healthcare workers signed an open letter to the authorities demanding to stop police violence, punish security forces responsible for , stop repression for political reasons and hold new and fair election. Famous cardiologist Alexander Mrochek was among the signatories.

Erlier, on 27 August, the Healthcare Ministry fired Director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Cardiology” Alexander Mrochek. The employees of the center submitted an appeal to the Presidential Administration, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Health and the Republican Committee of the Belarusian Trade Union of Health Workers to have Mrochek remain in office, to no avail.

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