How Many Belarusians Live Beyond The Poverty Line? New Sad Figures

In Belarus, 3.5% of families are below the poverty line. This means that the average monthly disposable income of such families was below the subsistence level budget.

According to Belstat data and 2009 census (2019 census not included) data, there were 3 million 873 thousand 139 households different in the size and composition in Belarus.

3.5% of this number is approximately 135.6 thousand households. That is how many families live below the poverty line. This is 3.6 thousand less than in the second quarter.

poor belarus poverty line

Least of all families, whose average monthly disposable income does not meet the living wage, live in Minsk – 0.9%. Most of such families live in the Gomel and Brest regions – 4.9%.

Most often, families with children live below the poverty line; 7.1% among them are low-income, this is 0.2% less than in the previous quarter. The least likely to be poor are single Belarusians – 1.3%, the figure remained the same as it was in the second quarter.

According to the Federation of Trade Unions, there are several dozen depressed areas in terms of wages in Belarus. Families living there cannot afford to buy minimum consumption basket. The federation is going to invite the authorities to create a working group to develop such areas.

Source: TUT.BY