Adrenaline Buzz. Seven Ways To Have A Thrill In Belarus

The traditional autumn recreation is hiking for mushrooms and berries or walking in forests and parks if the cold winds do not interfere. There are plenty of such opportunities in Belarus, but if one is not looking for easy ways, there are many options to tickle your nerves — just look at these numbers!

300 meters

At such a height you will be able to fly a motor glider at the Museum of Rural Architecture and Life in Ozertso.

Accompanied by an experienced pilot, one can admire the traditional Belarusian architecture, listen to an audio guide through the headset of the helmet, take a selfie or record a video. 

Where: Minsk district, Ozerco village 

30 seconds

Even such a short period of time can be remembered for life if one spends it in freefall. Such an opportunity will be given to you by the Minsk DOSAAF Flying Club. Be brave!

Photo: ginger_regina

Though an instructor will accompany a skydiver during the jump, still you will have to step off the plane at an altitude of 3000 meters. 

Where: Minsk district, Minsk DOSAAF Flying Club in Borovaya. 


Such is the temperature at the bottom of the deepest lake in Belarus, the same as in hot August and cold December. However, divers go there anyway.

Some of them want to check the legends about the treasures that allegedly remained there during the Second World War, while others just check their own skills.

If you have the proper training, the cold waters of Dolgoe await, if you don’t, there are plenty of crash courses in Belarusian diving clubs. 

Where: Dolgoe lake, Vitebsk region. 

253 km per hour

The LET L-13 “Blanic” glider is able to accelerate up to this speed without the help of engines.

One can estimate all the charm of a non-motorized flight over the Mogilev region in the Bobruisk DOSAAF Flying Club. It’s a half an hour trip over the Belarusian forests, rivers, and valleys in the front cockpit of a quiet glider.

Where: Mogilev region, Bobruisk DOSAAF Flying Club. 

Ten and a half seconds

That’s the time it takes for some cars to get through the entire racetrack.

extreme activities belarus minsk

Photo: 402.by

It may look unrealistic, however, not for drag racing competitions, where a race car needs to cover only 402 meters, but at maximum speed. Such competitions are held regularly in Belarus, as well as super noisy but super entertaining drift races.

Where: Minsk region, Lipki test site. 

Three tons 

Only that kind of weight can tear the ropes that are used in rope jumping. You will spend a few seconds in the fall, but this will be a fall to remember, that’s for sure.

Jumps can be made in the surroundings of any regional center of Belarus, depending on the season. Come on if you have the nerve. 

Where: anywhere in the country.  

Three minutes

That’s the average time a car can drive on the track of a jeep-trial competition. Then the crew leaves the cozy cockpit and helps their four-wheeled horse to get out of the mire, mud or storm, depending on the terrain where the race takes place.

You can experience the thrill of this exhausting sport at RFC Belarus SUV competitions, and join the friendly team of trialists by applying to the Belarusian Automobile Federation.

Where: Minsk region, Lipki test site. 

Text by Anton Ananich