White Gold! Belarus To Earn $2 Billion Via Milk Export In 2017

Belarus plans to export dairy products for a total of $2 billion and meat products for more than $ 800 million in 2017.

White Belarusian gold!

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Belarus supplies milk and dairy products to 23 countries and meat products to 18 countries of the world.

“We launched 36 dairy enterprises for supply to the Chinese market and export to this country increased 20 times compared to last year.

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We believe that this is the right way, and we urge our producers to develop the new markets: Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf and the African continent, “said Alexei Bogdanov, the head of the main division for foreign economic affairs at the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Belarus.

At the moment the country exports food products to more than 60 countries.

“The lion’s share of our export belongs to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), with the Russian Federation taking the first place.

Products branded “Made in Belarus” have their loyal customers in Russia and we cherish the attention paid to our products by the Russian consumer,” Alexei Bogdanov noted.

Nevertheless, taking into account the diversification, the share of the Russian Federation in the total volume of the Belarusian export of agricultural products fell by 4% this year.

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Currently Belarus is waiting for the report from Rosselkhoznadzor experts who inspected several Belarusian agricultural enterprises. So far, there were no global complaints.

“We hope to settle all the moot points in a calm and businesslike manner in the near future. We work closely together and have reached mutual understanding on many moments.

Although there are still some issues we disagree about but keep discussing them,” Aleksei Bogdanov noted.

Earlier this year China sped up one billion investment deal with Belarus after the countries reached significant progress in the negotiations on a large-scale agricultural project.

Source: TUT.BY