The Best And Ugliest Traits Of Belarusian People

Like any other nation, Belarusians have traits that make up a unique national character. They can be either appealing to you as a foreigner, baffling or disappointing. Anyway, it’s always good to glance at yourself from the other side of the room with the indifference of a passer-by.

BelarusFeed asked its readers about the best and worst traits of Belarusian people and here’s what we’ve got.

Kind but ready to attack?

Belarusians are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness on the one hand and for having pretty gloomy personalities on the other.

best worst of belarusian people

best worst of belarusian people character traits

How could the two mutually exclusive features co-exist still remains a mystery for those who just got acquainted with a regular Belarusian. Give us time!

True, we don’t smile at everyone and don’t hug strangers, but when it comes to a family or friends, we are always here for them to share joy and sorrow.

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Some recalled military parades that usually take place twice a year to celebrate victory in the Great Patriotic War, and on the official Independence Day.

best worst of belarusian people character traits

While for some foreigners this may seem outdated, for the Belarusians, it is a big and highly important part of their history. Can our permanence in preserving the memory of historical events be considered a national trait? Well, if you say so.

best worst of belarusian people character traits

This is EXACTLY what we are talking about!

Inner and outer beauty

While beauty is not something one can single out as a feature of a national character, we can’t deny the compliment never gets old.

And it is not only someone’s random subjective point of view, the fact was repeatedly admitted by the world community.

best worst of belarusian people character traits

Just this year the title of the most beautiful woman in Europe was given to Maria Vasilevich, the beauty queen from Belarus.

Apart from having flawless outfits, makeup and hair no matter where they go or what they do, the Belarusian women are extremely intelligent, kind and strong.

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Remember Volha Mazuronak? She was crowned European marathon champion who kept running despite a severe nosebleed. A real fighter she is.

Emotionless vs sensitive

Poker faces can easily become a calling card of Belarusians. You won’t see wide smiles in the metro, but on the plus side, your private space, as well as your feelings, are safe here.

We usually have our opinion on an issue but rest assured, we know how to keep it to ourselves or, at most, share it with the closest ones. Good old gossip never killed anybody, right?

best worst of belarusian people

As much as Belarusians know how to mind their own business, they are seriously dependent on the opinion of the others. ‘What will parents/friends/people say?’ is the question that bothers almost every Belarusian.

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The social judgment is really strong, especially when it comes to such delicate issues as education, marriage or work. Relatives usually believe they know better when it’s high time for you to get married, have kids or what university to apply to.

Changes? No, thanks

Belarusians are like hobbits. They come of age at 33, like their hobbit-homes and gardens, and don’t like adventures. Changes usually mean uncertainty and troubles, who does like that?

Stability and changelessness equal safety, which is something we treasure the most. And there’s a good explanation for that – years of tragic and devastating events made Belarusians appreciate what they got.


The same approach applies to widespread political apathy. We don’t protest much, doubt there’s an alternative to the long-time leader, and don’t actually believe we can influence life in own country.

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On the other hand, love to stability is not that bad. Belarusians are usually pictured as hard-working and loyal workers who can work at one place for years. Unlike Russians, we don’t have long New Year weekends and don’t have a problem with that.

We invest this time in ourselves, startups and creative projects that already change the world.

Whining but self-critical

If there were a complaining contest the Belarusians would be all-time winners. We complain about the weather, about politics, about poverty, no jobs or perspectives.

best worst of belarusian people character traits

But most importantly, we can admit own fails and laugh at ourselves and troubles. There’s hardly any important development that goes without a public reaction that usually results in hilarious memes or flash mobs.

Lastly, like everyone else on this planet, Belarusians as a nation are not ideal but we do our best fighting our weaknesses and perfecting our strengths.