Belarus Among Europe’s Most Religious Countries, Study Finds

Belarus is the 13th most religious country in Europe, the latest study by the Pew Research Center has found.

During the survey, almost every third Belarusian declared that he/she sincerely believes in God.

In the overall ranking of religiosity, Belarus ranked 13th. According to sociologists, 27% of the population can be characterized as highly religious citizens.

In particular, 20% of respondents in Belarus said that religion is very important in their lives. At least once a month, 30% of Belarusians attend church services. Almost one in four noted that he absolutely believes in God and prays daily.

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Belarus’ neighbours in Ukraine took 11th position (31% of the population is rated as very religious), Lithuania is on 16th place (21%), and Russia ranked 20th(17%).

Doubters and believers

The report shows that, overall, Central and Eastern Europeans are more likely than Western Europeans to be highly religious.

belarus religion religious

Credits: Pew Research Center

For example, in Armenia and Greece, roughly half of adults are highly religious. Meanwhile, only about one-in-ten people in Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom qualify as highly religious by these criteria.

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The top 10 most religious countries include Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Bosnia, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia. The least religious people live in Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark and Estonia.

To determine the level of religiosity, analysts examined four indicators: religious service attendance, prayer frequency, belief in God and self-described importance of religion in one’s life.