Belarus Threatens With Severance Of Diplomatic Relations In Reponse To EU Sanctions

Belarus is ready to respond appropriately to the unfriendly acts of the European Union. Belarusian Interior Minister Vladimir Makei made the statement as part of a recording of his speech ahead of the general debate of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly.

Vladimir Makei noted that the official Minsk is aware that on 21 September, the foreign ministers of the EU member states will discuss the issue of sanctions against Belarusian officials. The country is ready for this, Makei noted, and will never initiate actions that will lead to a deterioration in relations with the EU.

Vladimir Makei Belarus sanctions

“But we are certainly ready to give an adequate response to such destructive actions. Naturally, if some sanctions are taken against Belarus, then, I think the Belarusian state will take appropriate steps related to the domestic political functioning of the states. This may apply to the political system, and the functioning of foreign media accredited in Belarus, and a number of other steps,” said Makei.

According to Makei, there will also be personal sanctions against representatives of various EU bodies, as well as representatives and individual member states of the European Union.

“We also have a draft list ready. We will be ready to put it to use immediately after European Union makes the relevant decision.”

The Belarusian official also threatened with “radical measures”, such as revision of participation in various initiatives and organizations “whose activities will be meaningless without Belarus.”

“The extreme measures, let’s say, the revision of the level of diplomatic presence, the possibility of maintaining diplomatic relations with certain state. I am speaking theoretically and hypothetically about a set of possible response methods in case our partners force us to take such steps.”

Makei also expressed hope that common sense will prevail and that all parties will stay reasonable.

“First of all, our partners, who accuse Belarus, the Belarusian authorities of all mortal sins, without even bothering to understand what is happening in Belarus and objectively evaluate the situation,” Makei added.

Recall that at the end of August, almost two dozen journalists working in Belarus for foreign media agencies were stripped of their accreditation. The black list includes reporters working for the BBC, Reuters, Radio Svaboda, AFP and others.

Their accreditation were withdrawn by the Interdepartmental Commission on Security in the Information Sphere under the Security Council. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry then refrained from commenting.

Earlier, Vladimir Makei said that Minsk would respond to the Baltic countries, which imposed sanctions against Belarusian officials, including Alexander Lukashenko.

As the top diplomat said, these will be those people who “zealously tried to interfere in the affairs of the Belarusian state, offered financial support to opponents”. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry does not intend to publish its list.

Source: TUT.BY