VIDEO: Paramedic Tells How Belarus Riot Police Beat Him For Treating People

Daniil is 22 years old, he is a paramedic. In the evening of 10 August, the young man, together with his colleagues, went to Pushkinskaya and Sportivnaya metro stations where they helped people with shrapnel wounds, brain injuries, and burns. The next day Daniil had a day off, but after what he saw, he decided that he could not stay at home. He took his first aid kit and went outside.

When he tried to provide medical assistance, he was detained. “Oh, you are a doctor,” riot police officers said and hit him in the face. Then, there was a police department, he was marked with yellow paint, filmed, beaten with batons for treating people. According to Daniil, he was beaten so hard he could not stand on his feet.

Further, the healthcare worker was taken to a detention centre on notorious Okrestin Street, where he was beaten again and again. This is another story about the brutality of the law enforcement officers after the presidential election in Belarus took place, where Alexander Lukashenko had reportedly won 80,1% of the vote.

Warning: much of what follows may be difficult to watch and listen to as it includes graphic accounts of violence. Please, turn on the English subtitles.

Source: TUT.BY