Belarus Diplomat Shot In Turkey Regains Consciousness

The Belarusian diplomat who was shot and wounded by his neighbor in the Turkish capital Ankara late on Wednesday, 23 July, regained consciousness. Belarus’ Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Savinykh told TUT.BY.

Recall that Alexander Poganshev was attacked by his neighbor during a walk with his son. Poganshev was shot several times by a retired mentally unstable Turkish officer.

The attacker, Mehmet Fevzi Bayram, committed suicide shortly after the incident. The diplomat in critical condition was rushed to a hospital for urgent treatment.

According to medics, Poganshev was operated, his condition is currently stable and chances of a full recovery are pretty high.

“The emergency surgery was successful, our diplomat is in the ICU. He regained consciousness and his wife was able to see him,” Andrei Savinykh said.

The incident did not appear to be politically motivated and is due to a personal dispute, Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said on Thursday.

“The attacker probably got annoyed at children playing in the courtyard. A psychological outburst might have led to such an outcome,” Makei added.

Embassy of Belarus in Turkey. Photo: turkey.mfa.gov.by

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu visited the hospital and called his Belarusian counterpart to express regret and report on the launch of an investigation. Vladimir Makei, as well as Andrei Savinykh, thanked Turkish officials for their swift and sincere response and assistance.

“We work abroad, find ourselves in different situations and try to be ready for any developments. This is part of our diplomatic work and everyday life,” the ambassador noted.

This is not the first attack on diplomats in Turkey. Two years ago Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov was shot dead at the photo exhibition in Ankara.

The attack was committed by police officer Mevlut Altyntash, who was later eliminated in a shootout with law enforcement officers.