You’re Not Cyber Safe In Belarus, Latest Cybersecurity Study Says

Not all countries are equal when it comes to cybersecurity and internet freedom. Unfortunately for Belarusians, they cannot be sure their data is secure, according to the Comparitech latest study.

A new study looked at 60 countries and found huge variances, from malware rates to cybersecurity-related legislation.

Several metrics were analyzed: mobiles and computers infected with malware, financial malware attacks, attacks by crypto miners, preparedness for cyber attacks and legislation.

belarus cyber security safe

In the ranking of the least and most cyber safe countries, Belarus got in the top 10 with the worst cybersecurity. It was ranked particularly bad in the categories of mobile and computer malware infections.

For comparison, Ukraine holds 10th position in the ranking, Latvia –the 31st, Russia – 38th, Poland – 40th. The most cyber-secure country in the world? Japan.

It scored incredibly low across the majority of categories. Other top-performing countries include France, Canada, Denmark, and the United States.

Belarus In Top 20 Countries With Most Convenient E-government Services

Meanwhile, Algeria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Uzbekistan lacked significantly in a variety of areas and were named the least cyber secure countries.

Recall that this year the Belarusian government has approved the procedure for pre-identification of Internet users on websites. It means internet users will have to submit phone numbers and other personal data to comment online.

The personal data includes the name, gender, date, and place of birth, mobile phone number and e-mail, the information about all comments on the website by the user, IP address and other data.

Owners of websites are responsible for storing and protecting the data. They are obliged to disclose it on demand of law enforcement, Ministry of Information, tax authorities, and courts in the order established by the Belarusian legislation.