Get Naked And Work. President Lukashenko Slip Of Tongue Appears On Condoms

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is known for his controversial, funny and often baffling quotes. However, his Freudian slip of the tongue that happened two years ago is probably one of the most memorable.

“Get undressed and work.”

The local producer of lubricants Eska decided to immortalize the phrase in a rather unexpected way.

The quote appeared at the condom packaging accompanied by an image of a reminding-you-of-someone’s mustache.

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Latex condoms from Belarus go for BYN3 (~$1,5) and polyurethane for BYN9.90 (~4,95).

According to the company, they produce “the first organic and natural lubricant in Belarus, straight-out clean, safe and naturally sliding.”


Recall that two years ago Belarusians went nuts after Lukashenko’s speech and even hit the international headlines.

People started a flashmob by posting pictures and videos of themselves naked and scantily-clad at work.

The head of state mixed up his words during a speech on new technology.

“Innovations, IT-technologies, privatisation – it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them.

But everything, and our life, is about simple things: to develop and get to work,” he said.

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Because words “to develop” and “to undress” sound similar in Russian.

“Razvivat’sya” and “razdevat’sya” — it was really hard to fathom out what Lukashenko really said.

Many decided it was “razdevat’sya” (“to undress”) and happily followed the advice!