Still Dangerous! Belarus Will Close Border Along Chernobyl Zone Perimeter

Belarusian border guards have been tasked with closing the border along the Chernobyl zone perimeter, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus Anatoly Lappo said to Belarus 1.

“We are tasked with closing the state border along the Chernobyl zone’s perimeter. Contamination levels are extremely high on the borderline, and people should not go there,” Lappo said.

For now, the border sector is being protected by a drone. According to the official, surveillance cameras and control centre will appear in the exclusion zone in the near future to bolster security.

Six operators will monitor the situation within the border section of about 370 kilometres. If there’s any signal from them, special hardware, trained people and warrant officers will be deployed to the area.

It Was Strange And Eerie. Tourists About Their Trip To Chernobyl Zone

The mission is due to be accomplished in 2020-2021. The need for a swift response is explained by both radiation, which is a threat by itself, and those people who cross the border with bad intentions.

“Time and reality show that the area should be monitored. Wherever we close the border ‘negative elements’ find security holes, they are not frightened by radiation and its exposure.

Especially as tours to the Chernobyl zone have become popular. Tourists go there by special routes, and negative elements travel under the tourist disguise,” Lappo explained.

Recall that last December the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Belarus opened several areas with restricted access for tourists willing to see the deadlands first-hand.

The heart of the largest man-made disaster, like a magnet, attracts thrill-seekers from around the world. Our journalists were no exception and went on an 18+ tour to the zone.