Chinese Billionaire To Set Up Car-Sharing Rental In Belarus

A car rental system for public use may soon appear in Belarus.

The idea of the project belongs to Chinese billionaire Wang Enpei.

belarus geely cars

Wang Enpei, the Director General of Guangzhou Xinjinlai Import and Export Trade, visited Belarus last week.

According to the official, the system has been gaining traction in China and can become popular in Belarus.

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The system is expected to satisfy the needs of foreign tourists, state-run and private organizations, and locals.

Car reservation, 24/7 hotline information support, payment for services will be performed via mobile communication.

Besides, Wang Enpei plans to register his company in the Belarus-China industrial park Great Stone and consider launching high-tech production.

The car-sharing market in China is booming. Some 600,000 cars  within the car-sharing pool in the country are expected to be operated in China by 2025.

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Fours months ago the first Belarus-made car Geely Atlas NL3 rolled off the conveyor belt at the new car factory of BelGee Company.

It is a joint venture established between Belarus and Chinese carmaker Geely in 2011.

The factory has the capacity to produce 60,000 cars a year.