Belarus Will Change State Symbols To Stress County’s Peacefulness

The law on the state symbols is planned to be amended, the Ministry of Justice has already drafted relevant legislation.

The state emblem will be made more peaceful to have a positive image both in Belarus and in the international arena, Minister Oleg Slizhevsky said at a press conference in Minsk.

Although the Ministry of Justice has not yet released the image of the new coat of arms, a picture of a potential new cota of arms appeared on the internet. On the left: the old coat of arms, on the right: a new one. It corresponds to the description given by the agency.

According to Slizhevsky, citizens repeatedly came up with proposals to make adjustments to the image of the coat of arms. The Heraldic Council of the President of Belarus have worked on the adjustments.

Specialists came to the conclusion that the image needs to be improved. For instance, a star at the top of the coat of arms has clear edges.

“In this form, the symbol is usually used in militarized images, as it is militant in nature,” the minister stressed.

“The Republic of Belarus is a peace-loving state that remains neutral and does not see aggression as a way of its policy. It is necessary to bring the emblem in accordance with the peace-loving nature so that the emblem is perceived positively.”

What other changes will be made to the coat of arms image? The image of clover and flax will become more voluminous, as will the ribbons that frame the flowers. The contour of the state’s territory will turn gold to match the sun’s rays.

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The images of continents will become clearer and geographically verified. The artistic decision of the ribbon with the inscription “the Republic of Belarus” will be clearer. The timing when the old coat of arms will be replaced with an updated one has not yet been determined. The bill has been sent to parliament.

Did the Justice Ministry calculate how much money from the budget will be allocated to update the state symbol?

“I don’t remember the calculations,” Oleg Slizhevsky explained. “But if the changes are accepted, a transitional period will be envisaged.”

Until 1995, Belarus had other state symbols: a white-red-white flag and a knight on a red field, called the Pahonia as a coat of arms. They were changed as a result of a referendum initiated by Alexander Lukashenko.

Leonid Sinitsyn called himself the author of the current coat of arms, in 1995 he was the head of the Presidential Administration. The emblem of the BSSR was taken as the basis.

Source: TUT.BY