CEO Of Belarusian IT-Company Accepted Into Forbes Tech Council

Alexey Makarov, one of the founders and CEO of the Belarusian IT-company Qulix Systems has been accepted into Forbes Technology Council.

Forbes Technology Council is one of the most prestigious, high-profile global community of owners, general and senior-level tech executives of international companies in the world.

belarus makarov qulix forbes tech council

Alexey Makarov

The Council includes more than 2,000 members from such companies as Amazon, Dell, Huawei, Visa, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Xerox, SAP, Oracle, Uber, PayPal, Electronic Arts, etc.

Makarov was selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. A record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, personal and professional achievements were taken into account too.

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As an accepted member of the Council, he will have access to exclusive benefits and resources. Makarov will be able to connect and collaborate with top managers of companies from different countries and submit articles to share his expert insights on Forbes.com.

“Through our selection process, we recruit and invite members not just on the basis of career success, but on their diversity of perspective and willingness to give as much as they gain,Forbes Tech Council website reads.


Those willing to become a member of Forbes Technology Council, one should be a senior-level technology executive at a company that meets the following minimum criteria:

  • generates a minimum of $5M in revenue
  • has a minimum of $5M in financing
  • has an office or headquarters in North America.

Source: dev.by