Meet Belarus, A Cross-Eyed Cat With The Perfect Sense Of Humor

Everybody knows Belarus is blue-eyed. But what if those eyes squint a little?

Meet the gorgeous Belarus, a cat who lives in San Fransisco. The animal was surrendered to a pet shelter because his former owners had to move and couldn’t allow pet fees.

To help Belarus find a new family, the shelter created an Instagram page with his photos. “Love is not blind – it’s cross-eyed,” they wrote.

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Photo: Animal Care & Control San Francisco

The cute guy didn’t have to wait long – followers added in no time and just a few weeks later Belarus found a new home. One person, a flight attendant, even offered help in transporting Belarus to the new family if they weren’t local.

Saturday’s are for #stretchgoals

Публикация от Belarus The Cat (@my_boy_belarus)

Belarus has the unique trait of crossed-eyes, the shelter says, which just make him all the more intriguing. Plus, the cat is extremelly friendly!

It’s also known that Belarus broke his tail in 2 different places in his past life. His cross eyes may be from an old injury, too, “because I don’t look like I have any Siamese in me”, the kitty’s Insta post reads. That said, it doesn’t stop him from seeing and exploring!

Who you looking at?

Публикация от Belarus The Cat (@my_boy_belarus)

Currently, the cat happily lives in San Francisco with a new family who takes care of him.

Source: coleandmarmalade.com