Lukashenko: Belarus Will Celebrate 75th Anniversary Of Great Victory

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Belarus won’t cancel celebrations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.

President Aleksandr Lukashenko made this known as he visited Belgips Plant on Friday, 27 March, zviazda.by reports.

We are not canceling anything. We will host all the events we have planned.”

He stressed that the preparations to celebrate the Great Victory anniversary were in full swing and no related events were canceled. The head of state also shared his plans about the forthcoming trip to Moscow to attend the parade on Red Square.

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“People often ask me whether I am going to visit the parade in Moscow or not. Of course, I am. If no one comes to Moscow from Belarus, then who will? It is clear that no one from Ukraine will be there. The problem is that we have the celebrations at the same time.”

He also recalled the need to beautify the monuments  and places associated with military events, as well as to traditionally spring clean areas surrounding enterprises.

“We must do this and hold this event at the highest level so that both our children and the world can see that we remember those horrible times. Belarus is a living monument of that terrible war. No other country suffered more than Belarus.

Our country was wiped off the face of the earth. Every thrird person died and the war left many people disabled. Let God protect us from the coronavirus. We have already lost a lot of people,” the president added.

Recall that no quarantine has been introduced in Belarus, educational institutions have not been closed, borders remain open. However, since 27 March, a 14-day quarantine was introduced for all arrivals from the countries with confirmed coronavirus cases.